How to Tell Stories with your Photos?

Stories are crucial to human culture and storytelling is everlasting. In the practice of photography, graphic storytelling is typically referred to as a “photo story”, which is a way for a photographer to recount a story with a series of photos.

When it comes to visual storytelling, photographs are aligned in a particular way, either as a series or chronologically, with the goal of  ‘infecting’ the mind and vision of the viewers. Stories come in all shapes and sizes, which means storytelling through photography might be one, two, or maybe even more images. Let’s take a look at top 3 tips that will intrigue your viewers and assist you in conveying your message.

1. Pay attention to the context

Take a closer look at what’s going on near your subject. What is in the background? What do the other components of the photograph say about the subject and what is going on with their lives? Make sure you are not doing something too cliché about setting your background up – this could result in stereotypical shots that will not really arouse the interest of your viewers.

2. Study the Work of Other Photographers

This is extremely important. Sometimes seeing what others have done, especially when looking at how diverse the styles and ideas are, will help you come up with your own ideas and themes. You may pick up an attribute from one artist and a different characteristic from another.

3. Capture gesture and emotions

This is one of the basics of storytelling through photography, where you can depict numerous feelings and ideas based on people’s expressions or their body gestures. When devising a cohesive bodywork, this will be a way of adding some strong emotion to drive a story forward. The key is to understand people’s feelings and try to capture them as they express those feelings.

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