Three Key Secrets for Amazing Fall Photography

Fall is a great time to whip out your camera and take advantage of some of the perfect backdrops that nature offers. Regardless of where you live or travel this fall, here are 3 top secrets you need to know for amazing fall photography.

1. Location – location is the most important factor when it comes to capturing the best nature shots if you’re planning to focus your photography vacation around the colors of fall or just wish to spend a couple of days in search of the season’s hues.
Fall in Colorado
If you live in the United States, the best spots to visit for fall photography include the Colorado Rockies, the New England states, and the upper Midwest of Wisconsin, Michigan and Minnesota. If you reside somewhere else, you need to prepare by visiting the website of your state’s tourism board for peak fall color information, or maybe even a fall color hotline. You can also take help from apps for fall color’s best places and times. It is efficient to do the necessary research and to watch live videos or photographs of the places you plan to visit this fall, so that you can take the perfect pictures.

2. Take advantage of backlight – backlight portrait subjects is very popular, and fall is the best time to practice it. You get the typical, dreamy burst effect that so many photographers love. This technique also tends to give the leaves an amazing illuminated appearance.

Another good tip is to keep the sun out of the frame, blocking it with the objects themselves or keeping it just out of frame, but you can try either method, depending on your personal preference.

3. Use support – if you don’t want shutter speed to be a problem, then you will need to use a tripod. If the weather is calm, use the lowest ISO setting and don’t really worry about how long the exposure is. For photo cameras, tripods and accessories visit 42 photo superstore.

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